Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome Back --> ICU and MSW


after 1 month and a half, plus minus, im back to clinical.. yes, ward.. i love clinical.. interaction with doctors, nurses, patients, clinician pharmacists.. discussions with professionals workers, they inspired me to be a better person and a better pharmacist.. it literally quite long for me, yes even it just 1 month and a half, leaving the knowledge inside my internal disc, and need to godek2 again.. aihhh..

i remembered one HO went to nurse station, where i was there screening the drug chart asking me:

HO:  you are pharmacist right?
me:   you are doctor right?
HO: *grinned* when you free, can we have small briefing about antibiotics?
me:   sure, once i done with the charts, why not.. got viva?
HO:  yup, just to brush up my memory..
me:   awesome, brush up mine as well..

and we become good friends.. when i was in Inpatient Pharmacy, i went to Children Medical Ward for my asthma counseling and a cute female HO asked me to wait for her "saya nak tengok cara counselling jugak" and i introduce both of us to the mother.. see? i love the interactions..

 like a specialist Dr N said when we do ward round, " we are no different, we work together.. i cant remember all the drugs and their details, i asked you.. you let me know when i missed something, that simple lor" 

salam sayang dari perantauan..

38days of losing.. 2 days for coming home.. i know how much you love traveling, by car, by plane.. i know..

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