Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year 2013!!! ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

second day of New Year 2013.. alhamdulilah.. one year gone.. seems like yesterday we started our 2012.. missing in action for a while.. what happened in my life for the past two weeks?

1) received my KKM posting letter.. finally knew the posting and what to do.. lama giler kentang goreng menunggu.. its new experienced.. alhamdulilah, family always support me and the other family? touched by the offer.. :) i will go there.. its a long-term planning.. :P  just keep praying..
2) finally, able to finalize the flight tickets and schedule there.. i will be the regular MAS customer.. gagaga.. already subscribe the Enrich Card.. :)  thankz for the free lesson of buying online ticket and self-check-in at lcct.. :)  its help..
3) settle all the documents, immigration thingy, finally done.. i have my red and blue passport.. i love my registration number.. it will be part of my career for the next GOD-knows-when im going to get my pension.. :)  somehow i realize im just not ready to change the title from "student" to "staff".. hoho..
4) already bought the book, the lab coat with my name Diyana Peg--------.. ^_^  bell reply my message despite her busy work stuff.. thankz dear.. :)
5) convocation stuffs.. only halfway through, need to do survey and the rehearsal to get robes.. already confirmed the morning session attendance with payment cleared.. teeheee
6) spend the days with jalan2 and makan2.. we went to all the mall available in KL-Selangor, literally.. you name it.. IOI Mall, Setia City Mall, OU, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda, Suria KLCC, Summit, Subang Parade, Subang Avenue, Empire, i lost the tracks.. gagaga.. went to KLCC, looking for Pandora.. beautiful charms from Denmark..   
7) went to the Curve on New Year day with anic and mak cik.. had good lunch at ViVo.. went to umi's house.. personally, i surprised she remember my name, i cant even remember our last meet.. and her cucur were damn delicious!! i literally eat more than .. i lost counting it since im busy munchy and munchy.. :)
8) change my prepaid to postpaid.. blackberry torch will be my second phone and emergency stuff while samsung s2 will be the main one.. cant let go my BB Torch, i love my BB.. get cramped in maxis Pyramid last monday.. somehow busy like never be, turns out, its registration for the Iphone 5's customer.. envy? naaa, i rather spend my money for food and duit kawen.. hehehe..
9) confirm on the cake.. the design, the addition of figurine, the flavour, the filling.. yummylicious!!! my last custom made cake..

the next activites?

1) i had my GERMs Certificate event.. i dont really have any ideas about this event.. my lecturer just called me to confirm my attendance on this coming Friday.. she said its like our previous Dean List style.. so formal, i guess.. i had to do my survey thingy on morning.. perhaps a nice lunch with orang bumi.. gaggaga..
2) rehearsal and hi tea on the same day.. rehearsal is compulsory to catch-up with the ladies.. oo yeahhh.. the hi-tea, will be my last minute decision to go.. i dont know yet.. gagaga..
3) convocation day.. the big event.. morning session with my 2 close friends.. been separate with half batch on afternoon session.. hoping we can meet in between.. kak chik, chua, and others.. i hope i get my bear bear.. teeheeee..
4) flight day.. updates with friends and seniors there.. hope everything will be fine.. mummy daddy along will join me but left out anic since he got to work.. sorry pokk.. hoho..

i guess thats all for now.. my calendar packed till March 2013.. by the time, it will packed till Jun till September till December.. 

till then..
thankz for reading..

hand note: Dr Jun married already.. im so happy for her.. :)

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  1. may you have a blessed new year and good luck in your future undertakings!! :)



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