Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of June @_@


its been a many things happened...too fast, sometime pretty hard to breath...persistently....

1) ward inspection...4 reports still pending...going to add 1-2 reports tomorrow..
2) so many cancer patients in the ward...and i have to fake the smile and hold the tears...
3) Forensic Exam...this morning...only able to open the book 2 days before the exams...too busy with kerja hakiki...even all my FRPs gave time, but still slides need to be done, case need to be follow up...hopefully went smoothly...thats all i can dua..
4) leaved days hours and annual leaves...July and August...bought the flight ticket mcm beli tiket bas aje...but i am proud as it come from my own titik peluh..

friend: i wish you are sick!
girl: u r so bad friend.. why?
friend: so that you can slow down, and see things that you missed..
girl: i just missed my dad..

foot note: yes, so serabut, but see the car, somehow i smile...for 5 minutes of my life..

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