Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Motivation..

im just a simple sederhana person.. yes, so many downfall.. yes, i cried for help to HIM, mummy daddy, i frustrated with myself and i fixed it for the next time and move on to the next target.. i dont want to be the best.. i just try my best, so that im not regret in future.. sometime its not enough, but HE give the reward later on.. dont you think so.. will be 7 months and InsyaAllah continue till GOD knows when.. i love my career.. and i love this song.. yes, you and you can be a champion.. you dont have to be champion for anyone, just for yourself.. to prove to yourself.. you can stand after the fall..

memory note: i just wanna make my daddy mummy proud.. and i know he was crying the day i received the degree scroll and the award.. and i knew he was proud the day i received the medal from MPS.. my dua always for him.. always..

foot note: im locum today.. nice... :)

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