Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Long Month.. @_@


a very long month.. time flies too slow.. walaupon dengan menyibokkan diri..

the past: 

1) had my first oncall.. 7 days.. the first 3 days were excited, the adrenaline rush like crazy, the next 2 days, feel sleepy but still bearable, the last 2 days, i was exhausted mentally and physically.. no wonder my seniors looks like zombie by the end of their oncall.. checking the record book, my worst called was 1.05am, im barely opened my eyes and drove to hospital.. by the way, im "cold", compared the previous pharmacist oncall, which is my damn luck.. so goodbye "The Keys", will see you on July/August..

2) had my first morning shift.. the same week my oncall start.. how? read the above, you know why.. the good thing was i can punch out by 4.30pm but nothing much differences since i been called back to hospital by 5.45pm..

3) had my last locum tagging in OPD.. alhamdulilah.. 2+1.. done.. this month, i can claim the hours.. and i got off day.. how nice..

4) had my first lunch call.. plus minus, ye, work like slaves, but i still love my work, what i do everyday..

5) anic upgrade to fiancee.. alhamdulilah, simple but went smoothly.. when they sedekah al-fatihah for daddy, my tears running like waterfall.. when my mummy sarungkan cincin, i wish my daddy was there.. he will be happy, he will be the one who are panic..memories...


1) im coming home next week.. yes, again.. for my Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Dinner's Award.. alhamdulilah2.. received the email and invitation a month ago.. my daddy know.. sempat beritahu arwah, sebelum arwah pergi.. when i received it, im thinking of mummy and daddy, be with me in that dinner.. kita merancang, Allah tentukan.. i kept asked mummy, "did daddy proud of me?" and mummy kept gave the same answered "he proud of you since the day you born"

33 days.. i lost count on how much i lost my weight.. cincin pon boleh terlucut dengan sendirinya.. naseb perasan rasa kosong di jari..

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