Sunday, March 13, 2011


*tetiba sengal nk post banyak2* actually want to tell you guys that i change the FaceBlog logo.. thats all.. hoho.. i had no idea they got various colour that can be chose.. first time i did, i click je yang ada, which is pink.. but since i know other colours also available, i change it and choose purple.. pink is ok, cute also, but i love purple more.. i used to like blue from kindergarten till matrix time, but somehow, my taste change to purple.. but not that fanatic la..

Disney channel? i love it!! my parents only subscribe the astro after i entered matrix.. i see the point there, thankz mum.. hoho.. my elder brother at bintulu at the moment.. *padan muka ko kena gi offshore smpai bulan 7* wahaha.. while my sis-in-law at her family's home.. so only my second brother and i at subang jaya.. *once in a while my parents akan turun kl* :) so basically, my second bro, which are too busy too watch sport channel, offered me to cancel the sport and get Disney channel.. so starting today, i can stop watching the stupid series and watch the cartoon instead!! yey!! but still my priority is History channel.. wahahaha..

enjoy weekends peeps!!
till then..



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