Monday, March 14, 2011

Older? kui kui kui

HAALLLUUU readers.. good monday!! *will be monday blues as its going to rain* terkejut kah tetiba ada entry? hoho.. actualy today only got one class instead of 4.. choy!!

lecturers involved in invigilators for the exams, so we dont have the morning class.. yippe!! we got noon class.. but third class been postpone to tomorrow and the fourth class been forward to thursday morning since this class start at 6pm till 8pm.. *der!! even the lecturer dont want-no more energy* hoho..

but that doesnt mean im FREE of works.. hoho.. tidak!! lecturers never allow that.. i still got 2 long assignment , 1 journal.. tengok xbanyak kan? banyakla la wei!! time consuming you know.. choyy!!

anyway, back to real story.. while waiting for the lecturer, my classmate gave the survey form for us to fill-up.. i like!! i memang suka bab2 survey ni!! hoho.. so i fill up but skip the total house income *mine or parents* (wahaha) and age..

why? malu la nk tulis household income.. gilo!! i mano ada duet!! duet ptptn pon semua bayar fees yang mahal tahap cipan.. hoho.. harapkan PAMA funds je 4 tahun ni.. wahahah..

ok, ok stop about income eh.. not nice to show or write at the form.. most of the time i try to skip that part unless its necessary.. segan la wei.. hoho.. but the age?!! waaaa.. thats funny story fellas..

since i need to write the age, is start with no 2.. obviously im not 18,19 or sweet 17 anymore.. *ada ke sweet 17?* but the next number make me confuse.. 1 or 2? so i calculate manually: 2011-1989= ? then find out, pergh im 22!!! tetiba xsedar diri.. kui kui

waaaaaa.. im 22!! terkejut i.. perangai macam budak2 tapi dah 22 tahun.. waaaa.. i like.. hoho.. i thought im 21.. ikut tahun, yes im 22.. ikot bulan im still cute 21.. wahaha.. nak jugak!! *sengal!!*

seriously, ladies dont like to mention their age.. i dont know why.. im proud to be 22 and derrr i mention it at my blog what.. hoho *even perangai macam kanak2 ribena* older is another journey of life.. why so fear with the numbers.. it doest represent anything.. represent mature? naaa, cant trust that.. sometime people that younger than you are more mature..

22 y. o.- 3rd year
23 y.o. - 4th year
24 y.o. - PRP
(probation register pharmacist)
(kalau lepas forensic exam)
25-27 y. o. - RPh
(register pharmacist-compulsory service)

bila mau kawen ni?

till then..

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