Sunday, March 13, 2011

No more Freedom?

Morning sunday readers.. hope the day better than yesterday.. there will be a delay for my new entry.. why? because..... i misplace my pictures!!! wahaha.. even the wizard, Albus Dumbledore cant find the file.. either i misplaced and forgot the title of that file or i did delete the file, since these couple of days, i delete most of the junk/crap/ whatever you called it..

anyway, just brief entry this time.. i started my blog last year, April.. and i post about myself, my life.. i rarely talked about fashion, sport, etc.. once in a blue moon, i did post emo-stupid entry.. no body cares.. they give appropriate comment.. that nice.. however, till yesterday, i felt restriction in my post.. i cant write this, i cant write that, otherwise people start make controversy and comments.. im ok with comments, layan je.. but then why you comment only one entry.. what their motive actually.. i dont want to know.. im over it..

just want to say no more freedom to express what i feel in my own blog.. pergh terbaek la.. readers, please dont misunderstood.. this is my blog.. my post.. if you all like it, read and enjoy.. if not, leave it.. i dont force you to read all.. i dont want a controversy here.. my followers only 41.. i mean 41!! there is no point to make silly controversy.. and even no one want to read my blog, its ok.. no hard feeling.. this blog more like a online diary to me.. to refresh memory back once im older.. *being older and die is another journey of life except cant share anymore* thats it..

p/s: for these 41 followers and silent readers, i really appreciate it.. even though im not regular-update type person.. thankz..

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