Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SELAMAT HARI RAYA.... Blog saya best ke tak? Macam Tak..

HEY readers!! a very good wednesday.. eh jap, i though Wednesday is "wordless Wednesday" kan? ooo, sungguh teruk owner blog ni.. thats bad.. hahahaha.. my mistake.. i really dont have time to update, yet i do feel terrible left my blog like this..

anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO ALL OF YOU!! yup, im always late few days, few weeks in celebrating something.. but not that late coz we had our fasting for a month, so our Raya should be a month also.. ngeh3.. i will story-mory my holiday Raya later on yar..

when i had time to kill, i will blog-walking, read good entries.. and there are few famous bloggers that i found.. and i did follow one of them.. and i realize there are similar entries post by these famous bloggers.. coincidence? maybe.. its not bad entry, it something open my eyes literally about blogging and how to attract the followers..

here's the pin-point that been discussed:

1) background: should be nice, not too crowded, strongly suggest use white so that readers easy to read the text.

2) font: suitable design of font with strongly suggest black colour, easy for readers to read.

3) title: must have attractive title, make the readers curious to read more.

4)the blog itself must regularly update

5)strongly suggest to put more pictures and less words/text, use paragraph if possible

6) strongly encourage to have shoutbox, easy for readers to backlink their blog

7) leaved comments at their post regularly

and few others that i dont remember the details.. *its been a while, cant remember all*

so, compare to my blog..

1) background: i love dark, something mysterious, with mixture of purple or soft colour like peach, light orange/yellow, etc.. but not entirely dark/black..

2) font: i jenis rambang mata, so i had difficult time to decide which type of font that i should use.. the colour itself, i not really keen to use white, its quite boring.. most poeple choose white in contrast with black background.. instead i pick light red/pinkish..

3) title: kelemahan i, i memang xpandai nak wat title gempak style.. simply write what im thinking of.. like this title lor, "SELAMAT HARI RAYA... Blog best ke tak? Macam Tak.."

4) this part is another weakness.. i cant regularly update.. there will time i can post every day, but there will time i cant even open my blog.. i did plan to do auto-publish, but never happened.. perhaps, someday.. ngeh3..

5) put more pics? ooo malasnya!! hahaha.. but i do put pics.. :) since im not regularly updating it, i will post pretty long entry to cover all the days i missed and to share all the activities i did.. so yup, more texts/words.. and i do paragraph.. *one point for me* :)

6) i do have shoutbox.. and i did jejak blogs that have link..

7) i more to silent readers.. even im already being their followers, its like once in a blue moon i leaved the comments.. memang dah macam tu style i..

thats the tips from the famous bloggers.. to implement? pretty hard for me.. gee.. but its still good tips.. :) no wonder la xramai followers i.. hehehe.. tapi xpe, ada gak yang sudi follow.. :)

sekarang ni pon ada trend, "i follow u, u follow back" pernah la i terikot style tu.. dah orang follow kita, i pon follow balik tapi kan ada satu time tu i pi comment this blog, if im not mistaken i did said "congratz"and the owner replied "are u my followers?"

i was like, what the heck! that person follow me first and asked to do the same thing and i did and that failure never realize im one of the followers?!! marah x, more to frustrated.. macam xappreciate je.. thats all.. at least, before that failure replied like that, he/she should check the followers list.. not that hard..

start hari tu, memang xde harapan la nak i follow2.. biler i blog walking, i suka blog tu, i akan follow dia.. and i will not expect that owner will follow me back.. bak kata orang2 veteran, kita buat sesuatu jangan harapkan sesuatu dari orang tersebut, biar ikhlas.. tau la blog i pon bukan best mana..

sesiapa yang dah tinggalkan link2 blog diaorang kat shoutbox tu memang i akan pi jejalan.. lambat atau cepat je., and i will let them know that i did blog-walking there.. walaupon xjadi followers, i ada gak singgah2 and leave comment kat shoutbox mereka..

so yeah, no wonder xbanyak followers.. ngeh3.. nevertheless, thankz to my silent readers, my followers for willing to jejak and read my post..

thats all for now..
thank you for reading..

p/s: sesiapa yang baca ni jangan la xlink kan balik blog kamu2 ye.. jangan majok.. :) i akan singgah jugak ke blog2 kamu2 semua.. :) mana tau i suka, xpon kengkawan i len suka, i promote ler sekali.. :)


  1. best la blog atien :) psstt...kak zie pun love dark instead of bright color. baru cool noks...hehe

  2. thats sis!! appreciate the compliment from famous blogger like u.. :)



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