Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raya Holiday Finale!! final woha!!

Hey readers!! good day people!! woha! i can upload the pictures! nothing wrong with the photo's tab.. my bad.. ngeh3.. *giler malu* anyway continuation from my Raya Holiday Part 2.. i skipped the third day, i went to kl on that day with my mummy, anic and his gf.. we were looking for Rizalman Atelier.. and yup, we got it.. sorry for not snapping any pictures, too busy using PapaGo and Gamen as well as one alive GPS

the fourth day: small open house at my Subang Jaya's house..

my mummy asked me to buy a cake.. online sudeh..
suppose being deliver but then the owner got last minute problem, so i had to pick at her house at TTDI.. naseb bek den tau area umah tu..

Salam Aidilfitri 2011..

vanilla cake with orange butter cream and fondant cake.. delicious!!

we had small open house.. we invited few relatives as well as closed friends.. im so busy in the kitchen.. refill the drink, the food.. washed the dishes, etc.. gambar2 ni pon tangkap before the event start.. our meal were nasi dagang with acar and curry chicken and gulai ikan.. very2 simple.. my mummy cooked everything aid by me.. *nak gak* one of my cousin request for nasi dagang, its soo coincidence.. ngeh3..

finally, the Raya Holiday done!! hope you guys enjoyed!

till then..
thank you for reading..

foot note: my mummy always be the front line.. im prefer helping in the kitchen.. :)

second foot note: doing auto-publish, feels good.. muhahaha..

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