Friday, September 23, 2011

What A Life?!!

Hey readers!! what a life.. always been busy and busy.. i really envy with my parent's life at the moment.. you know what they are doing now? having a fabulous dinner and i guess supper also at Swiss Garden Hotel.. sometime went to Cameron Highland like CM is just nearby to Kuantan.. what the heck.. what a life!! hahaha..

ayway, for this week, i really had a tight schedule.. will share it later on.. i really need to update as fast as possible as i will be drive to Kuantan tonight with my brother.. what a life!! xpernah ada kat umah biler weekend.. either balik Kuantan or Kelantan or god-know-where we will going..

as i did mention before, im really in trauma if im sick.. and yeah!! my wish come true.. had dry cough for almost a week now.. bought lozenges but hopeless.. just feel better but not for so long.. its not cool when you are sick.. especially cough and flu.. why? during lecture or tutorial, when the lecturer start the class, i will start coughing.. oh yeah, very hard and very loud.. even i try to control by hide with my bag.. so embarrassing la wei.. people looking at you like "can you stop coughing?" der.. like i want to get sick!! same goes to flu.. when i had conversation with lecturers, the flu getting worst.. so embarrassing!! its unbearable!!

and we got Veterinary For Therapeutic Products lecturer, at last.. first class was boring.. its really too technical with HACCP system.. what on earth is that?! sir asked us to do assignment regarding the system and also got quiz for that.. since im a good student, i completed it and submit to him during the class yesterday.. still, its really unbearable to complete it.. and the quiz, woha!!! goreng kentang giler.. siyesly, i never thought i can answer it.. but thankz to the assignment, it really help my understanding.. tu yang leh jawab.. ngeh3.. those who dont do the assignment yet, they really in trouble..

will continued for next entry.. really fast speed.. :)

foot note: already transfer the data from Acer Aspire 4720 to Asus notebook.. and start using the notebook.. feel so eager.. Clinical Pharmacy 1 with new spirit.. :)



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