Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raya Holiday Part 2.. Double Woha!!

Hey readers!! the story continue.. but less pictures this time.. sorry guys.. im busy eating and eating and forgot to snap pictures.. those pictures i rembat from my bro's facebook.. :)

second day: at Juasseh, Nogori Sombilan..

the owner of the blog.. greeeeenn.. *kain beli kat Vietnam gak, Russian Market*

at Ayah Ki and Cik Na's house.. one of their daughter is one of my follower.. :) dila the cute

we usually used one car, the CRV one.. since our family already expand, we need to use 2 cars now, CRV and MyVi.. my parents use Swift if only both of them travel.. *sangat jeles biler mereka travel tanpa saya*

another snap..
sedap oo Cik Na masak..
nasi kerabu and telur masin with all ulam2..
*the owner of the blog really excited when talked about food*

Justify Fullto be continued.. :)

scribble note: quite tired for couples of days.. a bit unmotivated also.. aaishh..

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