Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mumbling about part time work..

HEY peeps!! currently start back my so-long Research Project.. pray nothing happened in the middle that will distract my attention.. ngeh3..

will off two 2-hours class this evening.. yup, i know, its sooo wasting the petrol but what to do.. our class rep will try her best to forward the class on Wednesday so that we got 2 classes in a day like monday.. *and why so may "day" at the end?" crossing finger..

i also in the middle of mission.. my mission is to work part-time, earn some money.. however, there are always the trick.. i can do part time job for two days (Tuesday and Friday) OR jobs that have flexible time, in which when needed.. and a big NO on weekends.. so many demand eh?

i want to be a math tutor for primary school, already contact the manager at that tuition center, however the classes only in evening time, which really my concern as i will do attachment at Sg Buloh Hosp, i dont think i can make it.

i want to work as part-time at pharmacy store, however, the manager want at least weekends time if i cant make it on weekdays.. i try make it on night time..

i asked my mum if i can work "when needed" at one of the macaroon's owner bakery.. she got few big orders and dont have enough staffs so i simply asked if she need extra staffs.. walawei!! she accept me and my mum also give green light.. so do my brother.. *blessing from ALLAH* so i will start tonight.. for a try.. :)

please dont misunderstood me readers.. i do wanna work but with my other commitment, i cant put 100% in one stuff.. im still a student, currently sem 7.. half of my classmates already work since sem 5.. i cant be like them.. i had to focus study, still my priority.. even im a full time student, my pointer is just so-so, imagine if i work part time?!!!

im the only daughter and small family.. every weekends, im away from subang jaya.. my brother and i will off to kuantan or kelantan or god-knows-where..when the king and queen requested you to come home, they expected you to be there by hook by crook by cook.. no excuses and no mercy.. okay, last statement is hyperbola.. :0 hahahaha..

so, anyone near Subang Jaya/Shah Alam/Bukit Jelutong/TTDI, who dont have enough staff to complete big orders for your pastry, anyone who need math tutor *i loved math and easy for me to explain* or anyone knows where i can find part-time job that suit with my condition, do inform me via email, comment in this entry, message to my FB.. really appreciate.. :)

till then..
thank you for reading my mumbling..

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