Friday, May 6, 2011

Housewife Vs Career Women..

HAAALLLUU readers.. long time not update anything.. ececeh.. lama xlama pon dari hari selasa je pon.. ngeh3.. i got few entries kept in my inbox, but since its not complete yet, jadi pekasam la dalam inbox tu ye..

all right, my entry today about housewife versus career women.. *pergh, panjang benor tajuknya* what the similarity of this topic? *ececeh, macam lecturer bunyi* well both are women.. *slapping my face* why im thinking about it? apparently, as im grow older *22years old-consider older as we can married by now-ngeh3* im thinking about my environment, the women especially.. i observe from my sister-in-law, my mummy, my aunts and of course my blogger friends who have the title of mummy.. :) adakah ini sempena Hari Ibu jugak? erk, hentam aje..

as im observed, i analyse the pros and corns for all aspects and i do have the dilemma.. where should i start? should start from myself view.. *slapping the face again* im currently a third year student in pharmacy course.. by next year, i will grad and by 2013 will do PRP *adik beradik houseman-other name for pharmacy students* insyaallah by 2014, i will complete the course and doing 3 years-compulsory service at government hospital.. and yaa, my dream to further in Clinical.. inspired by my parents and of course my lecturers who are almost 60% are clinical pharmacists.. *its not my fault to dream big!-please blame the environment* muhahaha.. within that years, of course i will get married, and hopefully married, i will get kids.. i love babies!! ngeh3..

so dilemma is i have ambition, i have my target, *its high apparently* i will work and take care my family at the same time.. its normal, my mummy also working but still can take care us nicely.. but at the same time, i feel want to be someone who can spend the time with kids and husband only.. somehow i feel i want to send my kids to schools, after that cook for lunch and take them home from school and others.. you see the contraindication there?

from my surrounding, like my mum, she is career women, shes working but still can balance the time with family.. i still remember before mummy leaved to work, mummy cook delicious meal for us and by late evening, mummy coming home, still can smile and start cook for dinner and checked our homework.. when my brothers and i got exams, mummy will stay up with us even mummy still got to work the next day.. i never heard mummy said "im tired".. the only thing mummy said when i asked "susah waktu kecik je, mana nak cari baby sitter, dah msok sekolah rendah, xde la payah mana" *i love u mummy* ngeh3.. but of course my mum dont have time to send me to school, i used to go by van or by bus or cycling.. *only experience it when i was in form 5, itu pon sebab on the way and ada driver* ngeh3.. but im still ok, since i know my mum's works consume her time a lot.. *understanding is the key in the family-slapping my face again*

from my aunts and my sister-in-law, they also working and have small babies.. the problem is to find the baby sitter.. korang bukan xtau zaman sekarang ni banyak isu baby tersedak susu dekat nursery.. kan payah tu.. the cute but sad moment was that once my sis-in-law said amani *my niece* merajuk xnak tengok muka dia first day dia pi keje" comel kan? budak2 zaman sekrang dah pndai merajuk.. tapi xlama la pasal tu, dia men2 je.. my sis-in-law cannot resign because she got contract.. my bro pon xkisah, dia bdak offshore ma, gaji beribu kalah pharmacist.. ngeh3..

from my blogger's view, she had small daughter around 1 years.. and she decide to stop working to focus on her daughter and open online shop.. see? at least she got something to do.. she can help her hubby in the business also.. diaorg ni family otak business.. style beb.. :) yang ni jela so far yang ada baby.. yang len, xpasti.. this is just example..

okay, maybe you guys thinks that its too early to decide anything.. im just thinking, saje jela.. but nevertheless, housewife or career women, these women still extraordinary.. those who work still manage their time for family and for housewife, they still need to do a lotof things despite not working.. korang ingat senang ke jadi housewife, kena kmas rumah, masak, amik anak dari sekolah at the same time maintain lawa depan hubby.. payah oo..

anyway, everyday is Mummy and Daddy's day.. I love u mummy!! i love u daddy!! for mummies out there either working or not, im proud of u!!

till then..

foot note: amik ko, panjang punya entry.. sila jangan terbeliak mata.. ngeh3.. :)

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