Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Pharmacy Quiz II 2010

HALUU PEEPPS!! almost 2 weeks my blog collecting the dust.. muhaha.. please blame the owner of this blog that have little time to update.. *erk, it me* muahhaa.. for this entry, i already put in the draft more than a month.. geeee..

anyway, this National Pharmacy Quiz II 2010 wa held at IIUM Faculty of Pharmacy Kuantan, on 25th and 26th September.. yar2 i know.. its already basi.. too long been kept under my hard disc.. geee.. our school represent two team- 1team from senior or final year batch and another team was us, the second batch or third year..

thats us.. we stayed at Green Leaf Hotel.. since my parents stay at Kuantan, i literally know the place and street.. my lecturer stop using his GPS when my friend said i know the place.. *oh man, baru rasa nk jadi tourist*

this will be the first day.. we wear the red shirt.. nice ha the design? IIUM ma.. its new campus.. from the tour guide, pharmacy used to share with medicine, now no more because new building..

this was just acting while waiting the event to start.. geeee

for first day, we got registration and briefing in the early morning.. and start with the first round.. its mcq question.. but there got tricks.. if the answer is correct, you get the point for that, but if not, it deduct your marks.. see? the advice, if you are not sure the answer, dont answer.. muhahah.. then, on the evening, the host organized a river cruise at Tanjung Lumpur for all participants.. bebudak len semua excited.. me? aiyaaa, every time my relatives datang ke Kuantan, kitaorg naek river cruise sekali bawak diaorg.. memenag xde rasa tourist dh la.. muhahaha..

ni ler office utk kuliyyah pharmacy.. best kn? besor..

this is during the Grand Dinner with the theme of Hari Raya.. a lot of menu actually but then since we all starving from the evening, we melantak nasi dagang that our lecturer bought for us.. when the dinner, we full already.. muhahah

thats me from the left.. theeba and our new friend from USM..
most of the participants are final year students.. only few from third year..

the view when dinner began.. semua makan!!!

my team/classmate/roomate.. geee.. thats our room..
its budget hotel.. but seriously its nice..

the breakfast for second day.. much better from the first day, got bihun grg..
dont know la, breakfast with oily2 food, not so nice for the esophagus and stomach.. geee

second day we wear our pharmacy club t-shirt.. this year, got the new one and will continue wear till whenever la.. muhaha..

the sad new was both our teams not enough point to proceed next round.. but we did watch the round and its more fun since it in prompt tu question.. some of it yes we can answered but the clinical question, muhhahaha.. sorry.. cannot!! the second around, got 4 division: pharmaceutic, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and clinical.. so roughly so-so la kitaorg teka.. xde la terer mana macam akak2 abg2 pharmacy len.. huhu..

this the banner.. nice.. see our msu logo?

the program book also nice.. see purple? muhaha.. purple is cute!!
*sorry for the flash, forgot to change the setting*

thats the rough journey for that activity.. once done with the second round, we off back to shah alam because we got final exam for the next day.. nice eh.. muhahaha.. its good experience.. and lucky me and my friend got the chance.. for this year, im not sure who will be selected.. if not me, at least i do have the experience before.. so xde la sedih sangat.. muhahaha..

yey!! im done!! no more hutang2 with you all readers.. so next event will be the Hi-Tea on 9th May and several activities planned in May.. pretty pack.. with the class and study.. our final exam will be on June.. ooh man!! thats really near!! by July i will do Pharmacy Practice 4 attachement at HTAR, insyaallah.. :)

till then..

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