Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ambition Vs Chance

Hallu readers.. this weekend a bit free since im not go back to Kuantan or back to kampung at Kelantan.. why so many house? other entry i will post yar.. instead my parents turun KL and also my sis-in-law and my debab niece.. ngeh3.. im just waiting them actually at this moment.. ngeh4..

last entry was about Housewife Vs Career Women.. both have their benefits.. and yar, im still dilemma.. heee.. anyway, today, about Ambition Vs Chance.. frankly im already think about this topic for so long, did the draft mentally but no time to express it in words..

did you guys ever thought about this? you have your own ambition, your own target, but somehow you get better offer or maybe offer that can change your life and your family life.. these two statements do have different meaning.. by the end of this entry, i bet you guys will understand the differences.. ececeh, macam tutorial..

for instance myself, i have my ambition.. i want to be a doctor since i was kindergarten.. yup, thats my first choice and pharmacist is my second choice.. every time my lecturers asked why choose pharmacist, how on earth i wanna lie that i do choose as my second choice.. ngeh4.. thats other story..

after matriculation, *thank god, my second sem result do help a lot!* i do have offer to further my degree in medic course in India and Indonesia.. and yar, very eager as i did pass the interview and the test.. but then, my parents pretty hard to give permission.. too many factors include my safety there.. at the same time i do got offer Pharmacy course at my current university.. i end up with pharmacy course with my family's blessing.. imagine if i still wanna further to India or Indo, without my family's blessing, choy2! nehi2!! tema dia: memang atien dapat offer dan insyaallah, atien boleh buat tapi peluang bukan kepada apa yang atien mahukan.. even we get second option but with family's blessing, the chance is much more better.. :)

same goes to my mummy's situation.. mummy want to be a teacher.. teaching BM, Arts.. that's she wants to do.. no objection from family.. but then, she get better offer.. you know during that time, Tanah Melayu's economy was not very good, chance of education level very limited and once got better option, they need to grab it.. so do my mummy.. even the offer never cross in her mind but the offer was too good to be true.. ngeh3..

for my dad, he got what he want to be.. ngeh3.. for my first brother, he got different ambition but got better offer.. of course he's happy, duit bnyak oo.. orang kaya baru.. ngeh3.. for my second brother, he achieve his target.. ngeh3..

the theme's here is that, we should aim high or at least according to your passion and do hard to achieve it, but if the offer or the chance is much better, why need to reject it.. :) HE did plan the best for us..

till then..
enjoy the weekend peeps.. :)


  1. wahh amik farmasi erk? bgus2....

  2. iye cik zoey, pharmacy je.. ngeh3..

  3. setengah org pandang lekeh, silap hari buan xtau keje apa.. ngeh3.. iye cik zoey.. penting mak ayh izinkan.. kang pi oversea mak ayh xbg, xde gunanya..



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