Thursday, May 19, 2011


hey peeps.. sorry for not having a good cheer mode.. kind off disappointed/ frustrated.. you name it..

Perseverance.. its a noun.. persevere.. its a verb.. *do forgive me, im not good grammar narrator* meaning? to continue to try, to do something in spite of difficulties..

yup, thats theory part.. practically? i cry for most of my education life.. im not so-called straight-A-score student.. i dont get straight A for my UPSR and i dont blame anyone.. im too busy with my sport activities.. missed my chance to go to boarding school.. thats my first time cry for losing the chance..

i cry when i dont get straight A for my PMR.. losing another chance to go to boarding school since im lived at big city, the quota more to rural area.. *yela sangat* damn 7A.. hahaha.. the funny part was B for BM.. how on earth i got B for BM.. trust me, im not proud of it.. so embarrassed la wei.. *slapping my face*

i cry when i dont get Asasi for Pre-U, only matriculation.. once again, not straight As despite i got As for chemistry, biology.. i got A for BM ok.. muhahaha.. damn physic and addmath i got B3.. i hate these subjects.. by the way, during my time, SPM's result was A1,A2 etc..

i cry when got my first sem result, almost losing hope.. too far from home, from family.. feels alone.. my second sem heal the wounds..

i cry when i got offer from UiTM.. its not what i want.. been there for almost a month and i cried for not feel the passion.. i dropped it, further to other course.. and suit me..

for another 3 years and one year to come, i still cry when i cant get a good result.. result that i hoped or expected..

i cry for not being as smart as them..

i cry for not being as good as them..

mummy said never give up, never losing hospe, be strong, have faith.. HE knows the best..

i still cry when i received the good result..

i still cry when i get the good news..

at this moment, looking back from my primary school till now, i cry for HE blessed me with this journey.. if HE gave the easy path, maybe im not appreciate my life as much as i did now.. if HE gave the easy path, maybe im not like the way i am now.. *despite what people said*

i still cry.. thats my weakness and my strength..

never give up, never losing hope, be strong, have faith.. perseverance.. thats the key..

p/s: read it if you like.. leave if you dont..
p/s2: one of my blogger, cik zoey cute asked for the entry.. i plan to give the nice excited mode entry for her since been a while not update it.. but due to circumstance, i end up with bad news and affect my entry.. choyy!!

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