Monday, May 23, 2011

A good news starts the week

HEY PEEPS!!! just received good new!! last 2 weeks, im pretty stress.. erk, since i take pharmacy course, i stress all the time.. ngeh3.. anyway, today, monday, received good new.. motivate me to do better and never give up..

perseverance.. thats the key.. mummy always right.. never lose hope, never give up, have faith.. HE know the best.. and yup.. i get what i deserve for.. and im happy for that.. so gear 5, remain the speed..

HE gave less for us to be strong.. so that when HE give more we will appreciate it and not lost from the track and remain humble..

be humble..
be honest with yourself..
be nice to people
(despite some people simply judge you)
be strong..
never give up..
never lose hope..
have the effort..
have faith..
HE know the best for you..
its just a matter of time..
patience always the winner..

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