Friday, February 24, 2012

My RP Progress? Progress la sgt.. Hahaha

Assalammualaikum and Morning readers!!

another week passed.. yey? naaaa.. not happy.. why? my supervisor no back yet from pakistan.. so no movement regarding the lab.. the email sent? naaa.. no reply.. but hey, think positive, next week he be back.. kita serang office pagi2 k? anyway, still couldnt make the lab yet, since twom important ingredients not reached yet.. eudragit and polyethleneglycol (PEG).. without this, its pointless.. not to mention the active ingredient, my supervisor kept it.. so jealous with my classmates who can start next week.. *yawn* hahahaha.. think positive, again, i borrowed my senior thesis to check the format, the flow, the chapter and start the draft..

anyway, i got one important paper this sem, Clinical Pharmacy 2.. had two class already.. so basically we do the PBL style.. *as usual* each of us got different topic..

1) pediatrics
2) icu
3) neurology
4) orthopaedics

and extra two, very INTERESTING topics

5) oncology
6) psychiatry

every topic we get, we been assigned with 3 subtopic.. we need to know our topics by heart and do it assignment and presentation as well.. when i mean by heart, i mean it really, from a to z, from its definition to pharmacotherapy.. with all the references.. its hard and consume a lot of time and clashing with my journal searching.. *excuses* hahaha.. not to mention i lost my mood last night and the day before.. *another excuses* hahaha.. just watching tv.. can you imagine that? very wasting time.. i hate when im doing it.. lalalala..

today is new day, start with good mind set.. so lets go to work.. erk, naaa lets do works people!!

till then..

scribble note: i got recipee of pavlova from one of the blogger.. tomolo will do then.. lalala..

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