Monday, February 20, 2012

Back with Basi Story.. :P

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers!!

what a life.. the days pass with a blink.. already in the middle of February.. anyway, im been missing in action about a month with no current post.. and that one month actually my holiday sem.. no no no sire, i dont get wonderful holiday.. the whole month, im struggling with my industrial attachment at Hoe Pharmaceuticals at Klang which im travelling every day, 76 km back and forth..

yes, its true.. last time, for retail im travelling to seksyen 7, shah alam, then to PP4 attachmnet, travelling to HTAR Klang (which not too far compare this one), then went to HSB for clinical 48km bck and forth.. too many energy, time and money spent for these.. *hope get better payment later one* wink2.. hahaha..

anyway, a month in pharmaceutical industry was really exposed myself towards manufacturing site.. literally open my eyes how much man power required to produced pharmaceutical product we used to buy in Watson, Caring, etc.. and if the product is not good enough for us, we start screaming the company ha? hahaha..

here's the brief summary of my industrial journey.. if you interested to know more, email me, i give you my report and presentation.. :P

1) 2 weeks been placed in production site.. in production site, basically we have dispensing, mixing, filling and packaging..

for dispensing, we experienced weighed the raw materials accurately for mixing.. we only weight the simple one like preservatives such as chlorocresol..

in mixing, we had opportunity to watch the staff did the menzza cream ap which one of the ingredient is capsicum.. yes you read right, its CHILLIES.. the main purpose is to create the heat while rubbing the cream.. usually for athletes.. :) we got difficulty in breathing and we literally crying because of the heat.. imagine the staff who did it..

in filing, its more simple task, the staffs will placed the finish mixing into the tank and the machine will handle the rest.. but deal with machine, you had few problems like maintenance.. somehow it breakdown, really slow down the production..

in packaging, which most of the staffs are women.. they filled the finish product into the avaibale carton with labeling.. yup, so many efforts to produce a box of finish good..

2 weeks here really enjoyable regardless so many tasks to do and need to lean a lot.. but the staffs are really friendly and helpful.. :)

2) another 2 weeks been assigned in administration site like QA and QC departments.. most of the time, we only had briefing and read SOP..

QA is boring in terms of too many paperworks and documentation.. *sorry* hahaha..

but QC is interesting.. so many tests, and test protocol and equipment which is new to us.. 8is like soo jakun* hahaha.. we experienced to do some tests like specific gravity, viscosity, pH, aassay.. :) i love microb department.. *one of the reason because i meet my old roomate back in matrix* hahaha.. the microbiologist there also demonstrate the making of petri dish and count the microorganism.. ok2.. please dont laugh.. after like 3 years, all the microb paper will lost of your memory and is good to refresh back.. hahaha..

we also had the time to celebrate Chinese New Year celebration with the staffs.. we thought they dont really care about us, like ignoring us.. but we totally wrong, they did know us and keep asking whether we enjoyed the lion dance and the food.. :)

the last day, we had induction and small presentation represent what we learn for the past one month.. :) we get small token as well.. you know HOE is famous with creams and they also known as King of Cream.. you know Ellgy Cracked Heel Cream? hacked, they produced them ok!! my mum used to buy and no no no sire, its not cheap, but its worth of buying.. we also had the time to have ABC and rojak buah at one of stall nearby.. recommendation by the staffs there.. hahaha.. i must include the food!!

there you go.. a month of description.. hahaha.. so currently im semester 8.. already registered and got my result for previous semester.. alhamdulilah.. nice number and grades.. im not super genius or intelligent like other, but my familia and my best friend always support me.. ;)

till then..
thankz for stop by..

foot note: my eyes literally closed while searching journals for my research project.. somehow im fed up with "no results for the current search".. i need urgent advice from anyone!! please!!


  1. Dayana.
    I just read this entry and I think you may finally find the right thing to blog than other entry you wrote. If you still remember me, Firdaus Hakimi, a silent reader to blogs. I asked to you to blog, now I can see you grow up in blogging. Well done. You surprised me with some entries. Just a reminder from me because I read blogs and what I read from them, please write from the sincere of heart, don't brag or let the emotion control your mind. Dayana, life is precious. Just let your heart open to peoples. Don't feel loss if someone not appreciate your sincerity. Don't whinge when you do a kindness. You are brave girl, just open your eyes and learn from mistake. Say sorry if you did wrong, say Alhamdullilah if problem befall. I am soryy if you think you can't accept my advise. Because I feel liable, I remember I asked you to blog. If someone have heart feeling from your blog, I feel guilty. Remember Dayana, a girl who wrote something untrue in her blog. Don't be like her ok. I know you won't. May you have a brilliant life, family and partner. Salam.

  2. yes i remember you.. thankz for the advise.. sometime my post a bit emotional.. hahaha.. hard to control.. but im ok now.. neway, thankz for stop by.. :)



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