Friday, January 6, 2012

Cook time!!

Assalamualaikum and Ola readers!!

its been awhile for my last entry about food and cook.. i did traveling a lot and eat a lot as well.. had delicious scrumptious food but since i dont have any Canon, DSLR camera type, im soo relunctant to snap the pics.. *ooh alasan semata2*

anyway, im a bit lazy lately.. perhaps regain my energy by watching tv, sleep and eat, the same routine over and over again before entering my industrial attachment.. *so many excuses!!* but im hungry.. so i had to cook right?! i cant buy food everyday.. der, mau kopak poket gitu.. yes2 im staying at my family's house, but my parents not staying with me.. they stay at Kuantan.. *thats one reason im went to kuantan almost weekend.. :)*

so yeah, today the menu western style.. spaghetti bolognese with meatball.. 2 in 1.. you cant get it even at Secret Recipe, either meatball or bolognese.. hahaha..

here's the pictures-->

im Prego fan.. got few brands bu i still choose prego..
bough at giant 3packs worth rm11.99.. wat stok meh..

the bad thing is there is no opener available..
kena bukak guna opener can right?
but typical me, i dont know how to do it..
usually my brothers will open for me..
the solution and my savior?
a knife and Budu!! wahaha.. its dangerous, dont do it ok!!

my meatball and the spaghtti..
my brother request for meatball like secret recipe..
instead of buying the ready made, i bought the minced beed and made my own..
i can make as big as i can or as small as i want, and i can add oregano and balck pepper..
so you can smell the spice and herbs with beef..
and i also add some vegetables like daun kucai..
okay i know its weird, but hey it turn up nice with the daun kucai's smell..
and thats what we called home made meatball..
you can add whatever you want..

the meatball preparation.. i forgot my daun kucai..
so only oregano and black pepper..

the sauce.. i prefer the can rather that the bottle..
using an, i can estimate how much sauce required for per person..
yes, bottle more saving in terms you can use twice, kept in fridge..
but you can taste different texture from the first time you open it..
no, no harm for that.. it just me who too concern about it.. :)

you can check the sauce's concentration..
too concentrated, not nice to eat,
to dilute, also not nice..

the oregano and black pepper as well, yes, even in the sauce..

the end result!!
my spaghetti a bit over cooked.. my bad

thats today's menu.. but i still want to share my dinner meal.. very light.. im usually have my breakfast with wholemeal or cereal and my lunch will be pretty heavy.. rice.. perut orang melayu meh.. but dinner time, i usually had light meal like paratha, or capati or bihun sup.. stuff like that..

since im in love with capati rendang Hot N Rollz, i usually spend my rm3.90 for it.. but i think its more worth if i do it myself.. so i bought paratha frozen food, i try search capati one, dont have and made my own..

except no cheese, which i dont like..
when called home made, everything extra!!
extra sausage for myself!!

wonder if i can make my own ice cream..

next mission is to do creme brulee.. gosh been years my last encounter with that dessert.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading.. :)


  1. dila ada try bt ice cream haritu.. but then, the recipe is at home.. nti rye cina, insyaallah, dila post entry bt ice cream nk.. :D



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