Saturday, January 7, 2012


Assalammualaikum and Ola..

really distracted this morning.. i feel something was not right, so i tried called my mom several times end up with voice mail.. when my mum return my call, get distracted news.. no, i had bad news last week, and im try so hard not to cry.. if i cry, my mum will cry too.. dont you think so? no, im not heartless like others.. hahaha..

anyway, this news really distracted.. after like years never spoken about them, they finally, finally datang balik to our family? the only statement come from my mouth is "for what? must got catch ha" i dont know what i feel now.. what emotion should i show.. angry?! frustrated?! annoying?! touched?! definitely not touched.. *oh please, dont start the controversy in your blog about my entry, fed up already about you ok?*

inhale, closed eyes, all the pasts will walk away with exhale.. naa, never happened like that meh.. anyway, if those related did read my blog, i emphasize ONLY RELATED: yes, thank you for your "call and concern", yes, we especially my parents or perhaps my entire family had forgive you guys for that treats, for every pain you cause us.. no, it doesnt change anything.. the damage is done..

life is like a cycle.. one time you at the top, one time you will be at the bottom.. thats why Allah said be nice to people all time no matter what they do or think about you because what comes around goes around.. every single action you did, either hurting people's feeling or not, somehow you will get back..

scribble note: im distracted and i forgot to buy acuan for my creme brulee.. thankz!

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