Friday, November 18, 2016

Im back!!

IAssalammualaikum and Ola peeps!!!

Homaigod!! Just realize that my last entry was January 2016!! And we just almost end our November and welcoming December!! The longest period ever i didnt touch and go my blog!! Hahahaha! Seriously, juggling the time back and forth! A lot to talk about ha now?

Quick updates of our life:

1) hubsy succesfully completed his studies in infection control course, despite that not his first choice, of course, primary care always his baby. Hahaha. But, passion and love can be develop with responsibility, so, i guess and pretty sure he is very very keen in infection control by now. Evidence based? Well, he just give half an hour of lecture about hand hygiene and ncr thingy courtsey from conference yesterday. Thank you very much! And when i said juggling the time back and forth? Literally i am!! Spend this entire year by travelling kelantan-subang jaya every month, and im pretty sure that parking guard in airport already identify my doraemon! 

2) vacation? Well, ehemm. Need to clear my throat! Hahaha. We had a lot of vacations!!! You know how amazing it is when you married someone who adore travelling, beaches, ocean! Need to keep track of our romantika episodes. Hahaha

--> october, off to Port Dickson, right after the wedding. Honeymoon Package in Avilion
--> february, off to Cameron Highland to enjoy sweetest strawberry and lavendar icecream.
--> april/may, off to Farm in The City in Seri Kembangan and stroll to related malls, DIY, since hubs start love DIY stuffs
--> august, off to Pulau Perhentian, to celebrate end of study. Honeymoon Package in Flora Beach Resort. Oh yes, i love honeymoon package and they thought we just got married. Hahaha
--> october, off to Ipoh for the convocation and our 1st anniversary. Unfortunately a very short getaway, hence only went to Kellie Castle. No Tambun at that time. 
--> november, off to Sunway Lagoon, for our birthday celebration. Of course suprise party for him.

Well, it might not that much but i admit, with all the vacations and back and forth, my body sometime failed me. Hahaha. Getting old ha.

3) next year insyaAllah another vacay that need to plan early. 

So that will be the quick updates. My ipad currently only depends on our home wifi. I stopped subscribe my Dg broadband as it will not necessary for me to bring the ipad to hospital. Yes, im in opd unit and since we had our own and very accesible drug information centre, incharge will answers all twisted tough quiry. I handle the simple2 one. Now, define simple. Bell palsy regimen is simple. Hahaha. 

Im currently drafted few entry, related with our vacation and hopefully, it helped others. You see, every time we plan on vacay, we did the survey for hotels, places that interesting, costing  etc. It always be the first time. So i think its good for sharing purposes. Till then..

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