Friday, November 18, 2016

Avilion Resort, PD and Cameron Highland

Assalammualaikum and Ola people!!

Yes, im back. Konon, sementara ada fefeling nak update kan. Since we didnt bring our own camera, just rely on our mobile phones, hence, few photos taken and i decide to just compress 2 vacay in one entry. Ayee? Ayeeee!!!

Avilion Resort, PD

It was last year, straight after the wedding, we took another a week on leave for our short honeymoon vacay. My choice was Avilion, with honeymoon package. It cost around rm25++. It had everything that newly wed wish for. Of course Grand Lexus is and always be another good competitor, we unable to secure it as no availability on our date requested. 

One of the reason i love honeymoon package? The roses petal and all the decorations. Hahaha

My view since 17/10/2015. Mata tak payah sepet sangat boleh? Hahaha
Unfortunately, we unable to enjoy our outdoor view since its jerebu time. Another trip to here, boleh baby?

Our breakfast in bed. Supposedly. Hahaha. The receptionist asked whether wanna take the breakfast in the cafe or send to room. Why, why, dont offer something we cant say no. Hahaha.

They got 3 different sites of swimming pool. And i choose this one as this was the nearest to our room and less crowded. The other one was near to cafe, so pack with kids and eyesssss.

The package inClude the spa. I love spa. I enjoyed spa. And after the massage and sauna, we spend our noon with green tea and great view. (The jerebu dah kurang time ni)

The candle light dinner!! Im sorry, but i loveee candle light dinner. We had salmon and chicken as part of the menu.

I dont take all the pictures, but i love this meal. Like seriously sedap!!

It might look small portiom for dinner, but with all appetizer, entree, desserts, etc, you will be full trust me!

Off to Malacca then. A very famous ice bowl. Homaigod!! Enjoyed till max!

Went to Zoo Melaka for night trip. And that will be different experience. 

 Yes, A famosa as usual. I love the historical places. We reached here almost late evening, so not recommended yarr.

The Taming Sari tower. Yes, its dark. No, im too lazy to edit. Hahaha

The famous river cruise. Tip is DO NOT SIT THE FRONT SEAT! Let other went first, no need for rushing, you sit peacefully at the back seat. Why? Because somehow there will be water splash and unfortunately, you yang kat depan kena. Anddddd, its not nice since its like biggggg drainnn. 

Cameron Highland 

This trip was during chinese new year. February kan? Since hubs take a week leave, we went to cameron from gua musang route. Stuck with jam few times, but bearable. Somehow so lucky since we  booked our hotel in brinchang area. So when we went down to tanah rata for Taman Botani not facing the jam when everyone going up, and when went up to brinchang, everyone went down for tanah rata. Seee? 

My favourite strawberry farm. Dai kecik baba bawak sampai sekarang. Why? Because the spacious area and also the cafe up there. All good food!! Serious!!! 

This was another strawberry farm right before we drove back to kelantan. Good deal for hand-pick strawberry farm.

At Taman Botani. A very huge area. We spend Almost 2-3 hours to cover the area. Hahaha

Been in Cameron Highland and it a must to steal the time at Boh plantation. The view and the scone with strawberry jam. Drools saliva. Yes, i see that!! 

Till next time then. 

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