Friday, November 25, 2016

Convo-Ipoh Trip!!!

IAssalammualaikum and Yello people!!!

Been away for few days. I got course of "updates of insulin management" in rtc kb last tuesday. We able to finish it early, unfortunately that dry hot evening, i suffered severe headache or as one of my collegue, dr izzaty said diagnosed as migraine based on the symptoms. Yes, im shocked knowing i had migraine. Huhu. The pain was too intense, forced me to get the pain killer and no, panadol didnt help either.The next 3 days more to rehabilitate my mind and body. Hahaha. Lets continue shall we.

Ipoh Trip

The convo held on 22nd of October which was saturda, while The briefing and jubah was on friday, the day before. I bought the fly ticket to subang jaya earlier and we drove from kl to perak on thursday itself. Whereas family in law reached ipoh on friday, since no hurry for them. Right after my bubble gum appointment, we straight to ipoh and reached there around 2pm. As usual, i booked our hote, Seemsoon Hotel via Criteria? Hubs nak hotel tengah2 bandar, easier for back and forth for food and sightseeing. 

Rate for the hotel was affordable. For 3nights 1deluxe only costs us around rm5++. , a very accessible parking, right in the middle of city, good services of receptionist, okay2 for breakfast meals. We spend our evening by sightseeing at Kellie Castle. Hubs not a fan of hystorical places, but i ensure you guys that he did enjoyed the truth story of Kellies. 

I told him i love the idea been hug. He rarely missed it. 
One of the important stories. 

And you tell me, how im not that amaze with these? The marbles imported from Italy, still intact!! I wish the war didnt destroy them. 

Somehow i did enjoyed the sketch of these.

Esoknya, kitaorang pergi amik jubah. We reached hotel early, just enough time for us to rest before our family arrived. Then, we had famous nasi ganja for lunch and had sightseeing of Gunung Lang. Something we only know after the tourist guide reached. Hahaha. My brother in law used to study here in ipoh for past 3 years, so he officially the tourisy guide for next 2 days.

Somehow that flowers attract a lot of attention and kind of waste not to have a photo. Haha.

That dinner was our anniversary dinner which i will post it later. Saturday the Big D, and took the whole day of us. We check out on sunday, straight back to kl. By monday, we departed, seorang ke selatan, seorang ke timur. Yes, its hurt. Everytime. 

Till next vacay!!

Memory note: pretty blurry pictures. I saved it from my facebook albums. I think they didnt fully download and i already clicked save photos. A short entry today. My mind too occupied with other things. 😅

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