Monday, May 18, 2015

The E-Day 2nd May 2015

Assalammualaikum and Ola peeps!!!

First of all, a truly appologise to mr fiancee since i promised him toupdate our e-day before fasting month itself.. However, the draft was nicely keep.. Pleaseeee, i had a very good reason for that!!! Stay tuned!!  Hanahhaa.. So, shall i kept long post this time? Lalalalala.. 

By this coming 2nd August, we officially 3 months engaged.. Upgrade ourselves from strangers to friend to fiancee.. Everything went well.. Smoothly like vanila icecream.. Huawahhh.. The preparation almost 6 months paid off.. Yeeaahh.. Yes, we skipped the declaration of boyfie-girlfie since we were not practically couple.. I used to ask en tunang, are we couple? And he always said, ummm, no, we are getting married.. Yes, from merisik day to e-day, its was actually 6 months.. No, we didnt planned at all.. Everything just happened..  

The sequel: 

October-- exchanged phone number, the culprit is my future sister-in-law, of messaging, phone call, facebooking

November-- big birthday suprise for him arranged as far as kelantan.. Yes, almost gave up on that, somehow saw the ligh at the end of the dark.. Ececeh
December-- we finally met for first time, in the middle of flood chaos, together with merisik thingy which was unexpected gesture from him.. Im practically in medical team mobile when he mentioned it

February, March, April-- was literally my preparation for engagement and the wedding.. Its really last minutes for block date for the wedding, usually people block it a year earlier.. Luckily we got the date and pay off the deposit.. Taraaaaaa.. Every weekend i spend travelling literally, back and forth turun Subang Jaya.. We constantly tell relatives/friends to give us a call first before visiting us, since we had appointments/stuffs to do every weekends.. Weekend is the inly time i had for the preparation.. I cant afford to lose my annual leave since i want to take leave almost 2 weeks on wedding day..

May-- the E-day.. Another one step to go.. Gear 4 and maintain the speed..

June-- busy with all PHIS, the new pharmaniaga system, set up for pharmacy, jugling with wedding prep plak.. But, as traveller mode always on, sempatla curi masa pegi Kedah for my close friend wedding.. Short vacation katakan.. Hahhaha.. 

July-- alhamdulilah, received transferred letter, really near to my house.. Had a throwback, im literally changed work place almost every year.. But, that will be another story okay.. Despite i incharged on methadone, solely me, which im really disguise, i still love my career.. Hahaha.. Oh yes, still holding mtac dm!! Thankz weii.. Nak further master in endocrine la gini.. 

Future August-- by coming 2nd August, mark a month of my 15km hospital life.. Hahaha.. I really had issue with hospital.. I love the idea of working in hospital.. Yes, klinik kesihatan gave me a remarkable journey and experiences.. Yet, hospital is another adventurous im dying for.. Oncall begin, no courses yet.. Should have appointment for our wedding attire, first fitting

Future September-- upcoming courses, which high possible nama naek sincedh nominate on july.. Will bring mama since its almost 2 days outside Kelantan, advancely booking on Heritage Hotel.. And a good planning of date, we get 5 days of short vacation there.. Hahahaa.. 2 in 1 mehhhh.. Another oncall to go.. Lai2 give me more oncall, need to cover a lot by now.. No Raya Haji for me, but hey, the best yet to come.. Should have appointment for 2nd fitting

Future October-- let everything ease.. Request early no oncall for this month.. Hectic man!!

Future November-- someone's wedding!! In golf country club!! 

Future December-- schedule not yet comeout, i bet, i will be the one.. 

To conclude, there still slot after October.. Kindly pm me early for any booking slot/ blocked date.. Before October, im fully booked people.. Lalalala.. Like Dr K used to say "macam artis gitu".. There goes the essay part..

Now, pictures marathon!!!!

No Baby Damia at the moment, she peacefully sleep with her tok-e.. I have instant daughter.. The manja niece of fiancee.. 

That two fellas try to shoot us? Thats our wedding planner.. Not engagement planner unfortunately, which i lost a fortune of money due to irresponsible people.. Never mind, let gone by gone.. Our wedding planner, they do everything from cards to souvenir, from hantaran gubahan to handflower, from table theme to arrangement of guests tables..

This is mr fiancee's side.. Yes, they come from big family.. A bit culture shock for me since i have nucleus family only, late daddy, mama, along, amani, anic, anic, mak cik, damia and me.. But hey, thats marriage life isnt it? An addition of nucleus family.. LOL!! One of the definition of marriage.. Please, no controversy here.. Lalalala.. Engagement at our house.. Full caterring for mama's convenient, with my insisted.. 

My beloved dentist, Dr Ira' KKRP dental, willing to come from kota bharu after her work locum, only reached at 6.30pm.. Good food waiting for you, no problemo.. And confirmation received for my wedding guest.. Ehem2 please bring Dr A sekali, i know there is sparkles there.. Am i mention im hate dentist and yet, willing to do dental and checkup and for heaven sake the scalling with her.. Only her la weii.. She is the most soft spoken person i ever meet.. 

Dears truly.. Our picture together.. What can i say.. Im the top of the moon.. Moon jak la.. Xyah nak pluto bagai.. Hahahaha

Unfortunately, these pictures solely from our own phone cameras.. Even they are highly pixel bagai, still cant defeat the real camera.. And our pictures from photographer already send to Photoaura for our storybook and etc, so xleh upload dalam blog.. Oo yes, Photoaura is our official photographer for ourwedding.. Promote sikit habaq hang.. 

Till we meet again with wedding story.. InsyaAllah..

Foot note: i wait for 4 months for iphone 5, 9 months for ipad, 1 year amd 4 months for my blue CRV, and almost 2years and 7 months for macbook air, another 6 months shall be no harm.. Be patience.. 

Yes, i bought them with my own money, my paycheck.. Not by a gift or, someone's secondhand.. You want something, earn it.. Show some respect for yourself.. Thats why i wait, and damn, its long wait.. Talking about respect, that shall be next post of raya!!! Puasa kan sebulan, raya pon sebulan la kawan!! Lala,la

Scribble note: i wait for 25years and 11 months for my prince charming.. May everythinh ease..

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