Friday, March 27, 2015

The Girly Side of Me!! ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!!

Its been awhile.. What a life!! Busy like a bee!! When blogging and blogwalking are no longer one of my luxury.. Sure i had the thought to do some writing on night, after isyak.. But by time, my body somehow failed me.. The only reason that make me still awake at night is that the idea of waiting of him to come home after work if he do the extended.. I knowwww!! He soooo in love with 'klinik kesihatan' management.. My thought? Naaaa, dont mind me!! I had issues with hospital., i prefer hospital setting.. Lalalala

Anyway, the title is too catchy to ignore, dont you think? Lalalala.. Im not sure why but i guess the major event this year did somehow changed me to take care myself better.. Physically, emotionally.. Or perhaps my beauty consultant had done a great job to promote her stuff that suit with my skin condition.. Hahahaha

Currently, these are my honey bunny. Not that i bought everything in one shot.. Gilakkk!! Mary Kay bha tu.. Hahaha.. 

The stuffs that i used: (in sequence of when i bought it first)

1) the Botanical Effect 3 in 1 Cleanser and Intensive Moisturizer.. 
Its awesomee!! I got dry skin, a very dry one.. In fact, when i was in tawau, went to semporna for their wonderful island like mabul and sipadan, i end up with one spot of white area due to its 'mengelupas' thingy.. When i did facial with the hope its getting better, my beauty consultant promote these MK stuff.. And it turns out, my skin getting better.. The moisturizer is terrific because it last for 8-10 hours.. You can feel the differences after apply it.. Even dah cuci muka, nak solat zohor, pastu xapply apa pon, still rasa lembap2 xkering.. 

2) the Lip Balm and Lip Mask.. 
I love them.. I got dry lips.. Kering sampai nampak mengelupas.. When doint the facial, my beauty consultant did apply both of this product and i feel the differences.. So i asked for it.. Here you go, apply the lip balm most of the time.. For lip mask, i apply it 2x per week.. Its more for repair the lips.. Alaaa macam nivea tu, yang repair.. Naaaa gituuu.. Hahahha.. 

3) the True Dimension Lipstick and Lips Gloss.. 
Since i was in secondary school, my mum did encourage me to apply the lipstick from nutrimetics *do correct me if im wrong* and i prefer the orange colour, even my inconsistency of using it.. Yet, i did bought both of these product after consulting which is the best colour for my skin and im started using it till now.. And its awesome!! *he love the colour* lalalala

4) the CC creme..
Okayy, this is the veryyyyyyy latest stuff i bought.. My second day using it.. Yet, people told me i look different when apply it.. They said the skin look more "mulus"and glowing.. I think there is difference between foundation, bb and cc is bit thick and heavy, bb is more to close you pore, while cc is more to protect the skin from uv light? Is that correct? I dont know.. I think so.. Hahahaha.. Too lazy to google and did some research.. 

5) the Eyeshadow.. 
To be frank, i got this for freeeeee!! Lalala.. Since my last order worth a lot of bucks, i received free gift!! I had experienced with eyeshadow years ago but i give up eventually.. So let see how long the eyeshadow last.. *i love the golden colour*

Taraaaa, end of my story, now move on a bit with my mum stuff.. I bought her a set of Timewise collections.. I dont think that product with gold2 thingy good for her.. Since she only just started with this, i cant say much.. Lets wait for a few weeks to see the changes..

The TimeWise cleanser, Moisturizer and Serum MelaCep.. 

I guess i look and feel more feminin nowadays.. Im comfortable with long skirt and blouse instead of jeans and tshirt.. I started to googling and bought online of instanst/semi-instant of shawl, while loving my bawal tudung as well.. Anyhow, dia suka cheq pakai bawal or shawl.. Lalalala.. Im more concern on my appearance, no wonder i did spend a lot for facial care and perhaps if you can call that make-up, yarr why not.. Aihhh, i was wandering if tetiba ada pulak pimples masa events nanti.. Huhuhuhu sekarang stress keje pon dah ada sebutir.. Unbearableee.. Hahahaha.. 

Till then.. Thankz for reading.. 

Foot note: i skipped most of our preparations within this months.. I promised to him to update ot but i guess, its best to write after the event.. Its more appropriate, dont you think so? 

Love note: few more months to go.. Another new chapter of my life..

Scribble note: its been 2 years now.. No one remember.. For what afterall.. I lost you dad.. And everyday is just another hard days to breath..

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