Friday, September 18, 2015

Preparation till the End

Assalammualaikum and ola peeps!!!

Its been a while.. Blog keep dusty all the time.. I guess time will change our priority.. Today remark another few weeks to go to upgrade myself, to enter new chapter of our life.. Interestingly, he said "few weeks left to say good bye for bachelorte".. Having that though, make me realized.. Truee, i will have different life after these few weeks.. No longer long travelling or spontaneous short vacation.. I cant simply do whatever i want to do.. I need to ask permission, need to keep my future husband's name, kena jaga hati banyak pihak despite orang xjaga pon hati kita.. Hahahaha!! Okay2, leave the negative aura aside, its really not good..

Anyway, people keep asked me, hows the preparation.. Not updated in fb nor blog either.. Well, technically, everything is like chaos.. Lagi dekat, lagi banyak mende kecik2 need to consider.. The progress went well but been withold for a week since i been diagnosed as dengue fever and got mc for a week.. Suffered high degree of fever and had fbc with platlet drop from 300-->179-->152-->133-->112 within 5 days.. I kept constant said that i can fight fever/uti/urti/ even severe migraine, but i lost the fight when the dizziness conquer my head.. Pening2/sakit kepala and worst is kepala jadi berat to do things.. And yes, hydration and good long rest is the only management, so i got mc for a week.. Am i mention it previously? Eeh yeah, i did!! Hahahha.. To conclude, once you sick, it take time to heal physically and mentally.. The End of chapter 1!! Hahahaha..

Lets continue with the progress.. Actually, i dont know how to conclude it, but worth to try then:

1) hantarans for both bride and groom --checked.. Done by our favourite wedding planner,  Dzahra 

2) batal air sembahyang --checked.. Bought it at Habib Jewels earlier during low price of gold.. Really in love with it..

3) pelamin for both solemnization and reception --checked.. My favourite bridal, Rinz Suzana deal with him from A to Z, with latest design..

4) make up --checked.. Under our bridal also, will have test make up early october, cant wait..

5) places and food for both event --checked.. Nothing to worry much of it.. Our awesome manager, Cik Amy, handle it professionally.. Food testing will be done early october..

6) sourvenirs and bunga telur --checked.. Bunga telur done by Restaurant Sarpilla and sourvenirs for both events done by Dzahra.. Bought bunga telur at Small Garden in Kuantan.. Yes, i travelled to Kuantan specifically for their bunga telur.. 

7) bantings and banner and cards --checked.. Done by Dzahra.. Really in love with cards.. Sweet like candy..

8) photographer and videographer --checked.. Done by Photoaura.. They also did my storybook for our engagement, and will display during registration guests.. The song selecetion for video also done..

9) the attires!! --checked.. Omg!! How come i forgot about it!! Its the main important things and cost fortune of money!! Hahaha.. For the bride done by our awesome designer Nurinhani Couture and for the grrom done by Kashfizulkifli Creation.. 

10) bride's room --checked.. Done bought the kayu jati katil with tulip embroseed.. I wanted roses at first place, yet the design was too crowded, so we decide on custom made tulip.. Done with special roses satin..

11) live band --checked.. My wishlist come true.. My dream to have like an orchestra played during my event, or perhaps a famous artist.. But, be realistics, i cant afford 5k for a song!! Its really riddiculous!! So to have this live band, make my day already!! Thankz to KB Buskers.. 

12) our honeymoon --checked.. Done.. We agreed to have short honeymoon in Malaysia since we practically already took long leave and couldnt afford to continue another 5 days off.. Perhaps wonderful trip next year honey.. 

13) ticket flight --checked.. Since Malindo stop their service of direct flight from KB to Melaka, and there is no other airlines provide their service, i had to fly to KLIA instead.. Another hassle, but hey look at the bright side, another business class to go? Hahahha.. I really miss business class trip..

Am i missed anything else? Because i really lost of track sometime.. My daily pharmaniaga planner is like havoc by now.. With all the papers/tickets/bookings, im going crazy if i lost it.. Eeh jap, i lost it for 45 minutes that day, and im freaking out!!

14) henna thingy!! --checked.. Im almost forgot.. Already book InaiPengantin for that.. 

So thats the update for now.. Had HosMac family day tomolo, starting my oncall this sunday for a week, then continued with antimicrobial courses for two days, starting the october month by handover, which more burden to come with great knowledge to apply, and life will be hectic by time.. Will take leave in the middle till end of the month.. By then, im going to be Mrs.. 

Please pray everything in ease.. For there is always light at the end of darkness.. Cheerio and adios
Till we meet again..

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