Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A glimpse

Haaluuu readers.. miss me already? ngeh3.. *slapping my face* its been almost 2 weeks..

i already complete 7 papers out of 8.. the last paper will be on friday.. hows is it? well, let just say the 3 killing paper did killed me for good.. hahaha.. but im just crossing my finger.. study already, put the effort, done with it, and let it be.. hahaha.. if theoretically can be easy like that..

frankly, im quite prepared for these final compared to midsem.. a bit relax.. even the papers a bit tough.. *derrr nama pon final* during my midsem, choyy la wei, i felt damn nervous.. hahaha..

thats all for now.. just a glimpse of my life.. :)

till then..

p/s: thankz for the giveaway tags.. will looking forward it if i had the chance..
p/s/s: thankz for new followers.. i dont have the time to jejak ur blogs at the moments.. but will do it as soon as possible.. :)


  1. atien, ade kt mane hari isnin ni, 4 hb?

  2. cik ana, 4hb atien ada kat kelantan.. cuti for a week.. will be back on 7th.. why dear?



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