Friday, July 1, 2011

Today is Friday

Haaluuuu you all.. yup, today is Friday.. what so special? the special is i finally complete my final exam for sem 6.. wahahaha.. the last paper was Ethics and Pharmacy Legislation.. 2 hours of the paper,the only thing that crossed my mind was "i am a lawyer now" hahaha.. *slapping my face*

you all know what im planning for today? go to TUTTY FRUITY, grab some delicious yogurt ice-cream and enjoyed it at the garden.. if i can call the area as garden.. ngeh3.. but it turns out nasty.. hahaha.. literally of course..

my friends and i had to spent the whole day from 11.30 till this last 4pm doing our last works for our coming event, held on 9th July.. you guys realize that i owe an entry? i did promised to post about our Hi-Tea event for our senior organized by our juniors, unfortunately it been canceled.. instead we organized a dinner for our seniors which organized by my batch.. the event only held at 9th July which will be next Saturday, i will post later about it yar.. :)

the "last works" are not the last-minute work yar.. its like confirmation and finalized work since today was our last meeting and most of us only see each other by next week.. finalized la sangat.. *slapping my face again* im talk way too far.. hahaha.. anyway, the mess already been fixed.. thankz to our dedicate commitee..

i hava a week holiday.. then, go to the alumni dinner.. next, attachment at the HTAR for my Pharmacy Practice IV.. HTAR is the nearest government hospital in my house with 1 hour journey, despite use the highway.. *i try make it 30 minutes* hahaha.. the attachment is for a month.. i already called my fellow friends who currently works or doing practical there, asked for a lunch togherther.. gee.. pi pon xlagi, dh siap call.. hahaha..

for this weekend, my family and i will off to Kelantan.. cuti-cuti Malaysia.. i like!! gee.. :) thats all for now..

till then..

foot note: for you guys information, i already delete my FB account (Atien Dyana).. we can contact via sms, email or from this blog itself..

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