Monday, July 31, 2017


Assalammualaikum and Hei folks!!!

What a rough week I had to go through last week. Short of staffs, endless patients and what a better news to “cheer” me up: ONCALL. And yes, I'm still working today till this Thursday and off for leave a day. Yes!! A day!! I can't complain much I guess, since I lost my annual leave early this year. Hahaha. By time, I realise we almost losing the July and entering the August and my drafts of vacations untouched. I know.  So, shall we compress again the vacay? Heck I need to clear up the pictures and replace with new ones. So many planned-unplanned vacation ahead.

Wedding trip to Parit Buntar @ March

Yes, the event was on March!! hahaha. I take my sweet2 time updating it. We took annual leave and off we go to my friend’s wedding. I booked the nearest hotel for our easiest commute since it was our first time being there. Turns out, Parit Buntar is just a small town that hotels and restaurants and neighbourhood are side by side. By waze, our hotel was 5 minutes to the groom’s house. Hahaha. Anyhow, mama along Amani husband and I travelled from Kelantan and anic felt the urge to joined us later. Luckily I booked 3 rooms isn’t.  Hahaha. The hotel is okay, affordable, despite my preference to have at least swimming pool for the kids *more to me actually*, however, hotels with that criteria will force us 50 minutes away from the town. We spend  our time sightseeing around the town. We enjoyed awesome Men Udang Parit 30, Kuala Krau, Pantai Ban Pecah and Dataran Pinggir Parit Buntar. And don't forget NASI KANDAR ALI!! When you in utara, being like one and had nasi kandar fellas!! Hubs know how much I love museum and historical places, we did try waze there, unfortunately, it closed. I know! It unaccepted!! Hahaha. 

we @ Dataran Pinggir.

we @ Pantai Ban Pecah.

We reached early that day. Need to check out the hotel after all. 

 Officiate the Photo Booth first before the brides. *Flipped hair*

Pic at entrance is a must sisthur. oh yes, the heels!

mama with the groom’s mother. felt overwhelm with their gracious welcome during the reception. 

And us when bride busy munchy2. We had to redah, since we need to travel back to Kelantan as I'm working on next day. I know!! So not cool! Hahah. Ooh the bride? He is my friend also known as colleague back in tawau, known him as a shy person, but a good friend indeed. He did came to my wedding 2 years ago, direct from Perak. So, I returned the favour by sending rombongan cik kiah kau. Hahaha

We here in Banjaran Titiwangsa RNR. It a must pit stop don't you think. Kids, their adorable. Amani with moody look— just woke up and damia, cheeky as always. 

 homaigod!! whats wrong with that women behind damia. embarrassing!! hahaha


Wedding at Selising @ April

This is Dr Fateha. She is adorable. Somehow, I need to inject insulin since she's too sweet that day, no longer big-HarryPotter-spec, cheeky as always. She is our new MO for Diabetic Clinic here in HosMac. Basically, we have this professional relationship, I'm not knew a lot of people and they tends to get transfer pretty quick, so not so close bonds, and when come to wedding invitation, they usually had this general invitation to all units. But for her, she send a specific card to me and one pf ward. Now, how I can say no. When people appreciate you, you got to appreciate them too. Hubs not around this time but mama accompany me and her warm welcome, despite being busy with other colleagues. Of course, we gave her sweet collection tea set for her. Hehe.


Research Camp @ Cameron Highland!! @ May

Come one!! Vacation and no work? You are not anak Tan Sri that no need to work. Haha. I spend my 3 days and 2 night at Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan here in Cameron Highland for our research camp. The best part was I'm alone from the hospital. Good, great, awesome!! But hey, you never realised your potential until you reached the point. So, I'm okay, no worries. *flipping my hair* luckily we managed to key in all the data, and by time, we just analysis the data.

Ooh yes, I'm jakun! My first time travelling by provided transport. Since I can't take my leave that week, *that week, had public holiday* I decided to go by bus. First time maa. My PTM I travelled from Tawau to KL, then straight with holidays. My BTN also I drove from Kelantan and straight with holidays. And yes, red is a nice colour don't you think so?


Wedding trip to Kuantan @ May

Mama asked me whether I got planned during weekends. Since no oncall, we went to Kuantan for mama’s friend’s wedding invitation. The fact about Kuantan is that it is the middle between KL-Malacca-Kelantan. So what possibility can happened? Call hubs and walaaa, he's on the way. Another honeymoon trip for us. Again, hotel booked my and since only 3 of us ad no kids, budget hotel was good enough for us. 

Mama and her old time friend. 

Yes, I love the heels. Bought from Farrabrandmy by Nad Zainal. They got orange, black, nudes and blue. Since black is too cliche, orange is difficult to mach and nude is hard to maintain, blue it is!! It cost me bucks, but hey, I look good ha. Its cute for me I guess, with the French fries, the kiss, lalala. My only and last heels. My heels-time is over *oh I miss my secondary/matric time when I can wear and run with heels without cause backache*

Had lamp-light-dinner in front of our hotel. The burger was superb, the food delicious, or perhaps we just starving. Yes, I'm chubby! Thanks!!

Funny was we managed to buy our Raya attire here in East Coast Mall Kuantan!! I know right!! What a chance. Since hubs not used being in Kuantan, I being his tourist guide, shown him my previous-less-one year Methodist secondary school, my addmath/physic-pain-in-the-ass tuition class, mama/daughter-bonding-secret-recipee-dating, my birthday-treat-Hayat-Hotel, ooh the famous Cik-Julita-Aishah-burned-house, and soooooo much more. My jogging spot, our thai favourite food restaurant, baba’s and mama’s office, favourite baba’s dry-cleaning, the so-called-library I used to spend my evening after school while waiting for baba and mama, the dreams BMW showroom, favourite lunch spot, carwash, etc. 

Alright. Thats it for now!! You know, I had to refer to photos to refresh my memories back. Seriously I don't know how people can update their blog regularly. For example, like Vivy, you watched her reality show? Updating the blogs at 1-2am?! Seriously? Im already deep in my sleep. Of course, I had this passion to update the blog every time I'm in the office, during lunch break, when I got nothing to do. But when I reached home, resting, lepaking and by 9pm, blergh, the laziness say hi. Blerghh! I know!! Hahaha. This is long enough for a decent post. 

Till then fellas!!

Memory note: Chester Bennington passed away last week, commit suicide. The media blamed on the depression, alcoholic and drug addiction despite 6 children, a mega concert, a future new released album, the fans, the Linkin Park team themselves, he was defeated. Defeated. Their songs will be a legend. Rest In Peace Chester. When your song being our plays. 

“I can't feel you there, become so numb. I try so hard and that so far, but in the end, it doesn't the matter”

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