Monday, July 10, 2017


Assalammualaikum and Hello Everybody!!

First of all, I would like to clarify to you guys.This is kind of awkward. Hahaha. I'm not active blogger the past two years, as you guys can see from my posts, that is due to my pack schedule and my accessibility of blogging using iPad only, hence I tends to mislook, misread the comments, or replying the email. Somehow, I managed to steal the time and clear up a bit. Sorry for late respond yar. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm start my July with sort of accreditation thingy and few courses and GOD-knows-what-else coming up. But what make me excited for the past few days back was that my colleagues give a very generous compliments on my skin. Hahaha. They say, I look more radiant and less "kusam". *flipping my hair*  hahaha. Those who been follow my blogs or who newly enter my blog, I shall remind you guys that previously I'm a MK skincare fan. I started using MK products since 2013 after a couple of breakouts, which I surely blame for my islands vacays. Hahaha. No worries, I skipped my old-not-nice experience finding a good skincare. Hahaha. I stopped using MK last year, since my mum start tegur why my face look darker and kusam. My beauty therapist also kept lecturing me on how to keep my skin moist. Oh, I do have dry skin in most area except my T-zone, a little bit oily. 

My skincare routine includes:

ThreeOrganic Skincare -- Organic Face Kit

I found this products promoted in instagrams. Its 3 in 1 kit where consist of hydrated face oil is for normal/dry skin and works well; brightening eye serum to reduce my panda eyes; and organic hair elixir. The kit was around RM120/per box. Since I used the face oil more frequent, twice daily or thrice daily and sometime drop more than recommend. Hahaha. Its my dry skin to be blame okay!

Face Masks

I love the idea of face mask. Having this routine since I work in Tawau where I bought bunch of face mask from Watson/Guardian and Saturday was my face mask favourite day. Nope, not had any specific brands. Just grab on the nice packages. Hahaha. 
Already try the upper one, the pearl rose face mask. So flowerish, thats I can tell you. will looking forward for the honey. And both only cost me less than Rm50.

Mary Jardin Soap and Face Oil

I stopped using MK products, I try on the recent product known as Mary jardin, quite famous nowadays, a lot of promotions as well. Thats important. Hahaha. The soap and face oil. The soap is pretty nice, you can cut into 4 portion and last for 1 month, cost around RM45. I had issue with scent of the face oil, its lavender and pretty tangy for me, *I got sensitive nose -- perfume is no-no for me*  For first time user, payah jugak la. But I know the trick now, you got to rub the face oil a bit long and apply to chin and cheek first before the nose area. Hahaha. Its cost around RM 65. Can be used more than 2 months, since I'm not buying the new one yet.

Collagen Serum with SPF 

This is my latest addition. Just bought it before raya, received it today myself. Cant tell a lot. The packaging looks nice, the scent is good, not so tangy. And the use instructions are using the serum after the face oil, act as extra moisturiser, I can work with that. It cost me RM 159. 

Wala, that my skincare routine so far. I skipped my scrubbing part since the soap from MJ provide similar texture of scrub stuff. So 2 in 1. I'm not keen on buying any scrub stuff as my skin already too dry. Even my beautician also recommend doing it once in a month based on my skin condition. For this product, I ordered it from my colleagues who turns out being one of the agents after her flawless experiment. But hey, if you guys wanna to check out more, whatever brand of skincare you wanna try, or in my dictionary "experiment till you find that suits you", you can checkout this   , and explore more. We never know with single click, I tell you that.

Till then fellas.

Scribble Note: I'm trying to be more compliances in update my blog after raya. Finger cross bebeh

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