Monday, June 19, 2017


Assalammualaikum and Ola Readers!!

Alhamdulilah, almost end of Ramadan. Of course, it is kind of heartbreaking to say goodbye on Ramadan and not knowing whether we are still breathing on next Ramadan. This year Ramadan is quite challenging for me. I am not sure whether is due to the hot dry weather or I am just acting like small kid. Literally everyday, I am dying for berbuka pause time. Not to mention, i am too lazy to “kunyah makanan” that basically, i had my drinks and 2-3 bites of whatever meals we have for sahur and same goes with berbuka. We already on 4th week of Ramadan and i lost 5 kilo since then. Well, that is the proof for someone who wish to diet. Less rice with substitution of other carbohydrate, less sugar, bla bla bla. Naaa, stick to “malas kunyah makanan”, surely lost some weight.

I did promised to myself to update the blog regularly. I am still trying to catch my breath since  the end of February. Life is way tooooo fast, sometime I hoped I don't have to wake up early morning just for work. HAHAHA. Mama and i had our second umrah at end of February, bring my husband as my mahram, together with my in laws. It was his first time experience, I am grateful able to share few things and aid in umrah this time. Annual leave for 2 weeks, once reached down in KB airport, the next day, i got the new that need to prepare for “tanggung tugas” in male ward. and now that was the opportunities. Hahaha. After all, clinical ward is always my choice but surely Allah had better plan for me as I'm still Pharmacist in Outpatient setting. Funny part was, the colleagues told me that her confinement leave was 2 months and somehow, she extends to 3 months. *face palm then* I surely not expected that. Since then, on march till early june, I am barely catch my breath, spend my entire morning for ward rounds and after lunch, went to cover outpatient. I am juggling with specialist clinic for my diabetes patients and grand rounds every 2 weeks. For the past 3 months, i skipped my 30 minutes of lunch, only for zuhur solar and only had lunch/dinner once reached home. Colleagues said i worked too hard, more than clinical pharmacist themselves. Well i said, i need to cover and catch up as much as possible as i only went to ward half day, so sacrifice is something that i need to do then.

Apart of hustle and bustle, my husband and i still manage to have short vacation at Kuantan, wandering around berjaya megamal, and ec mall, catch up some movie and surely bought our raya outfit this year. We always tried to have “our time” as possible. Manage to drive back to subang jaya last weeks, had leisure time in mid valley and subbing parade *how much i missed mid valley mall* bought his necessity and watched The Mummy. My rate for the movie? Okay la, I'm just not that fancy of Tom Cruise being the hero. I’m prefer the old hero. So, so-so la. Hahaha. For me? I bought myself the gadget and bag for my laptop. My hair design can be wait for another 5 months. Haha. Remember the previous post? I'm using the Letter #  as well as pretty chaos of my photos upload? Hahaha. I still not used on new photo setting with this new lappy, since i used my iPad to update the blog before this. Alhamdulilah, i managed bought my so-long-waited-bucket-list of MacBook laptop. Yes, i wait almost 4 years for this lappy. It is not a big deal for certain people, but it is another huge step for me to spend almost 5K for this precious. For the past 4 years, I managed to find excuses for not buying it. However, since I'm involve in R&D this year, i cant afford to do my thesis using office computer, do I? So, tutup mata and swap the card. Hahaha. Eh, you guys aware that start on July 2017, signature will longer accepted for credit card transaction, need to to have the pin code? *Wink* Iklan sebentar. Hahaha. iPhone need to be wait then, mana tau keluar iPhone 8 tahun depan. Hahaha.

July will coming soon. I'm not realising it until my in-charge asked me to prepare the reten for June. Hahaha. July will be another busy month as Kelantan Diabetic Updates For Pharmacist is a major event, secure the spot alhamdulilah. August, October and November are months that we are looking forward too. Hope everything goes well. *Crossing my finger* I really need vitaminsea hubby, if you read this!! Hahaha. 

Till then peeps. 

Memory note: sometime i wondered are there anyone actually read my blog. Watching the Julie & Julia Child made me wonder. 

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