Friday, August 12, 2011


HALUUU readers!! and a very good day!! im currently doing multitasking.. ececeh.. from the early morning, i started searching my literature for my research project, a little bit touch and go of my 1000 pcs puzzles, organize my messy study desk as well as settle all the chores.. *yela sangat semua chores* hahaha.. and not to forget, a little bit exploring my hp.. actually not the new one, it belongs to my first brother and since he buy the new samsung slim s2, he gave me his still brand-new hp.. so, yeah, thats all for my morning stuff..

CUT THE CRAP!!! like the title mention, i love and enjoyed food.. if you guys love to explore new restaurants, please do CONTACT me.. im willing to go.. hahaha.. *of course with someone that i know la* xkan nak kuar dengan strangers plak.. hohoho..

let the pictures do the briefing a bit yar:

*please forgive me for not organize the pics properly*-so called pemalas!

this is my niece at the age of 3 months.. i decided to buy a custom made cake for her, despite she cannot eat it.. hahaha..

close view..

me at TGI FRIDAY.. really awesome!! with my friend, and yes she loved food too.. :)

close view.. i dont remember the name.. dah lama dah.. and yes, it damn delicious!!

at Monrod restaurant.. i forgot to snap the main meal.. this one is something call chocolate something2.. terbaek!! rasa coklat dia tu.. ngeh3..

the Cupcake Chic at Sunway Pyramid.. im sure you guys know..

these are the cupcakes.. very big, berbaloi dengan harga dia yangbig jugak!! hahaha

custom made chocolate moist cake.. i ordered because tetiba rasa terliur nak makan.. but since my mum already bough the mixer and the big oven, ill do it myself.. jimat!!

slice of sweet Pavlova

close view.. its damn sweet.. but delicious.. inside got slices of mango, peach and starwberry.. its soft.. kira sape xsuka kunyah makanan, boleh la makan benda ni pastu terus telan..

MACAROONS!!! im crazy with this french cookies.. i did order once for my senior's farewell night.. from my experience, its better to keep in the fridge for 1-2 hours before you eat it.. sebabnya, bila letak dalam fridge dulu, dia dah keras cket, bila ngap, xrasa manis sangat (xmanis sangat compare pavlova) and the filling pon sedap je..

woha!! all about food!! nice ha? i order for the second time with the same sister.. she have good customer service.. and the price so-so ok la.. apatah lagi tengah promosi Hari Raya, lagi la i shopping macaroon u!! hahaha..

thats all for now.. thankz for reading..
till then..

p/s= please ignore my rusty broken English.. read it if u like, leave it if you dont.. HAPPY DAY!!

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