Friday, December 17, 2010

Touch n Write n Go

HAALLUUU readers.. as my title, im juz touch and write a bit n go, bubye.. hoho.. frankly, im not feeling well and somehow feel like heavy head.. erk? what the heck.. nk ckp berat kepala je.. hoho.. even my another collegiate MSU School ofPharmacy pon xter-update lg.. of course my lecturer, Sir Ib a.k.a the unofficial owner of that blog said is ok to not update frequently, but then is part of my responsibilities rite? so, with automatic mode, i feel guilty to not update the latest upcoming event.. hoho.. maybe i do draft first.. *duuhh* itu pon nk gtau ke.. apa la atien..

anyway, today got quiz, thank you very much.. and i nail it.. hoho.. despite that i slept early last night due to my flu medication.. hoho.. im not used to feel sleepy after had any medication, but this time, im defeated.. hihi.. quiz was fine-checked, and class also fine-checked.. im not sleepy, of course.. hoho.. i had my 100plus to replenish my loss fluid.. ececeh.. and had wonderful wafel for my empty stomach.. my class finish late evening despite my beloved lecturer already skipped the long long theory.. hoho.. the traffic was better than yesterday.. i wonder why readers.. today is friday, the weekend nyte, should be more heavy traffic compared than yesterday.. hmm.. thats food for though for u fellas.. *grinned*

will update later, maybe tomolo for the event.. and of course my hang out with my bro and his friend.. hoho.. time for movie and cuci mata.. *evil smile*
till then..

hand note: i used to write 'till then' after the end of my entry.. 'till then' is more metaphor compared nyte and bubye, etc.. i realize from the line of Rick Castle to Kate Beckett in Castle at Star World channel.. :)

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