Thursday, December 9, 2010

SmartTag with no card

hoho.. dont worry.. i use the smartag lane with card for sure.. since my home is subang jaya n my campus is at shah alam which side by side literally, i drive everyday for my class which i love it as i love to drive.. ahakz!! and of course i use the highway as it is less traffic *duhh* and more near which juz take me 15 minutes without of course pecut.. bwk relax2 sudeh.. hoho.. but if so-called traffic jam at the exit, then take 30 minutes.. *grinned*

anyway, thats not the part that i wanna share.. juz wanna briefly shared about my day.. hoho.. dont want this blog become dusty.. ahakz!! frankly, i have few times to kill but im too lazy to sign in the gmail n update the blog.. pergh, too many laziness atien.. shame on u..

back to the story, i spend the day to settle my lab report which need to be typed.. and yup, its weird because most of the times, lecturers will ask to write manually for the report.. *grinned* however, one of my lecturer had his own though to asked us, his hyperactive students to type the lab report and write manually the assignment.. yup, u read it right.. i need to type the lab report and doing manually the assignment.. *grinned and evil smile* well of course, i did all the works while watching tv and chatting with my syg.. im still can do 3 things in one time, but not during study.. study time is strictly for study.. hoho..

after settle the work, i went to summit to take my new ring.. hoho.. as well as bought lunch.. well, im treat myself very well.. wahahaha..i had chicken and salmon teppayaki.. *grinned* i eat a lot and enjoyed it.. hoho.. then i went to mph, my uncle store (uncle la sgt).. and treat myself with new book since i dont buy any book for............a month ago.. wahahaha.. i cant help it.. i still need the new book.. even i had mid sem that juz around in the corner or having a final exam..

i had a great evening by watching angels and demon that i been watched for several times, thank you very much, and also watched the food tech at the history channel.. the title might not caught ur attention but when u really watched, u will interested.. juz like me.. hoho..

well thats all for today.. not very brief i think.. hee..will update later..

till then..

p/s: i once read from the mph's magazine that says youth dont use full sentences while writing in blogs or even sms or message.. so, im trying to write in a full sentences (even not fully sentences).. :) so if u r bored, do forgive me.. :)

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