Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to Peninsular Malaysia ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Hello peeps!!!

Its been a while.. Are you guys still with me? Hohohoho.. By the way, im back to Semenanjung.. No more work in Sabah.. No more travellin back and forth Kl-Tawau every 2 weeks.. Alhamdulilah.. Almost 3 months now.. Everything goes well.. New environment, new staffs, new setting and work area.. Am i miss Sabah? Of course.. Spend my one year and a half there, its a lie not to miss that place.. So many memories.. :)


(within 2 weeks after being informed that i got my posting in Kelantan)

Travelling with my 2 buddies, from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu for a short getaway 3 days and 2 night.. Drove my mr grey for 10 hours, of course im the driver, reaching kundasang, im flat!! Hahaha, tukar driver plak.. Pukul 6 pagi gerak, 6.30 petang sampai.. The journey was awesome!!!

Sempat pegi Rumah Terbalik!!! Like awesome!!!

A quiry please.. Why the plat from Johor meh? Weirddddd.. Hahahaha

Here at Kundasang Farm House.. Beratur panjang, like i said, bertembung dengan cuti Pesta Keamatan.. :)  so cold and windy like Fraser Hill..

We made pit stops for every hospital along the way
Tuaran near to Kota Kinabalu already.. We missed the Likad since the road was different side while Queen Elizabeth 1 & 2, had problem to find parking, too crowd that time, bertembung dengan Pesta Keamatan.. 

Here is Ranau time

Kinabatangan time

Lahad datu time.. No army with guns at the moments.. Hahahahaha my friend was traumatized that time since came to Lahad Datu during the Suluk attack..

(During May, 3-4 weeks before received the call from JKNK)

Travelling with my mum to Sandakan.. Its very unexpected plan.. She asked how far Sandakan is, and i said 2 hours and we straightly decide to go on weekend.. For the record, its 4 hour journey, instead of 2hour.. In 2 hours from Tawau, you can reach Kunak.. :)  lalalalala.. No, i worked in Sabah alone, but my mum did come visit sometime and this time she stay for a month..:)

Yes, went to Sepilok already!! Thank you!!

Together in Sepilok Rehabilition Centre, we went to Borneo Sun Bear conservation Centre.. 

The bears are cute!!!!!!

Here is Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey.. I thought we already sesat because the place is like 20km further from the main road and thats only for entrance!!! Once reached entrance, another 10km to reach here.. Hahahaha.. 

That the last journeys before went back to Peninsular for good.. No, thats not all.. Those who knew me know how much i like travelling and alhamdulilah, dah jelajah satu Sabah.. From the big cities, to small towns to the small villages.. ^_^


09/01/2013 till 11/06/2014 
Hospital Tawau, Sabah 
Pharmacist Nurfatin Dyana Nordin

Foot note: Mr grey safely arrived to Subang Jaya after 2 months travelling via kontena.. Mr doraemon and Mr Romeo and i really miss you and welcome home.. ^_^  

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