Thursday, April 10, 2014

Salam Medina and Mecca


How pretty the Light of City can be, when you reached Medina Al Munawarrah..
How beautiful the Al Masjid Al Nabawi can be, only SubhanAllah came from you..
How wonderful the heaven can be, when you dua in the Ar-Raudhah..
How strong the iman can be, when you enter the first ever mosque been build, Masjid Quba..
How tough the war of Uhud can be, when the hill symbolize the loss of our greatest syuhada..
How glittering of city can be, when you step into Mecca, the Forbidden Ground..
How depth your iman and taqwa can be, when you tawaf the only Kaabah, Baitullahil Haram..
How far of 35km back and forth to symbolize the love of mother to her child, when you saie the Sofa Hill and Marwah Hill..
How light your burden can be, when you tahalul by cutting your hair..

How greatest feeling can be, when you stand in front Kaabah and remind yourself, in billions of people in this world, you are one of the selected guest of Allah..

Alhamdulilah.. Thank you Ya Allah, for choosing me as your guest.. May this will not be the first and the last.. 

Girl: i knew it will happened.. It just a matter of  time.. I received the terrible news once i reached Medina.. Yes, im defeated, jatuh terduduk sekali lagi and heartbroken.. But who am i to lie if thats my path.. Between Medina and Mecca, i found my peace... 

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