Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birhday Celebration!! woha!!

Hey readers!! another birthday celebration!! in my family, we rarely had a birthday celebration.. but for this year, we practically celebrate most of the birthdays, excluding my first brother, who toooo busy at Bintulu offshore and my syg, since he was too far 400km from the planner which is me..

the early year we already celebrated both my parent's birthday at once, despite my dad's date is August.. :) my second brother's birthday is September, on weekend.. we successfully did the surprise party for him.. GOTCHA!!! planned by his girlfriend and im being her evil-assistant.. ngeh3..

the picts before the surprise party:

all the ballons bought at Balloons Party at USJ 10, Subang Jaya..
they arrange it and fill the balloons with helium with affordable price..

there are different types of balloons..
yup, i had no idea about different types of balloons available in market..
you see the words printed?
that's the printed balloons, rm2.80-3.00 if not mistaken..
you see the celoreng2 printed in yellow and green balloons?
that's the balloons cost rm6-7..
the others balloons were normal one cost around rm1.50-2.00 if not mistaken..

the ultimate balloons ever.. :)
the biggest and expensive one among the other balloons we bought..
the SMURF!!

the birthday cake..
since my brother loved the angry bird and car, his girlfriend asked the baker to do this design..
bought these two from the same shop.. :)

the simple deco..
his girlfriend and i had 1 hour and 30 minutes to setup everything including get the cake, the balloons, etc while my mummy and my brother went to Puchong, bought accessories for our new home.. (85% already done)

the meals were nasi dagang, gulai ayam, acar, and fresh orange..
very simple.. :) seriously..

do you guys knows, the balloons filled with helium will last for a week, while the big SMURF balloon last for 8 hours..

i also just found out about that.. :)
everyday is a learning process.. ngeh3..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: my terrible grammar.. im a bit tired.. forgive me.. otak sudah weng!


  1. wohaaa..... another pics? birthday boy muker terkezut tade ker? hahahaha

  2. gee.. ada.. tp bukan dlm hp akak.. lmbt nunngu diaorg transfer..:)



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