Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bz as usual

Haluuu readers.. do forgive me for not update my blog.. already collecting the invisible dust.. exam is just around the corner with quizzes, thank you very much.. i already done 1 assignment.. i dont copyright.. *no offense yar*.. i did copyright stuff when i was in 1st year.. then, i realize i dont learn anything if im simply copyright the stuff.. so what i did, i search a lot of article and read n summarize and type.. so indirectly i understood what i read and i change the sentence accordingly.. eerm, is it a copyright also? wahahaha.. another 1 assignment is one the way, this one need to write manually, thank you very much sir.. hoho.. same thing goes, i got a pretty long thick journal and i summarize it for each subsection.. nice ar.. when we summarize we can use our own words.. indirectly shows our understanding to that particular topic.. pergh!! wahaha.. one more assignment is still un-touch.. huhu.. i already try to find the information, but then it is damn pretty hard.. *derrr!!!

anyway, if my readers had add me as FB's freinds, all of you did know that im craving for a custom made cake.. well thats my surprise party of my parents.. but then one more week to go.. and im dying to eat that cake.. mahal oooo.. i never bought any expensive cake before.. even secret recipe and buskin robins (is it spell rite?) cake not as expensive as this one..

will have an entry about it ok.. nice entry one.. not like this.. :)

till then..


  1. hoho.. orite.. aqish, comment atien ada verify x?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. hoho.. nk kata surprise xde la sgt.. sbb smpai umah kuantan pon dh lewat, tp surprise sbb kitaorg xpernah beli custom made cake, cantik kat figurine dia n design look.. hee.. later one day la azah-chan.. pnjg umur..



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